Workshops are offered in English, Cantonese or Mandarin upon request, and locations are in downtown Toronto, or western Greater Toronto Area depending on the request and/or availability.

Magnified Healing ® (MH) 1st Phase Practitioner Workshop

This is a two-day healing and ascension workshop which prepares the Initiates to teach and heal (face-face healing, absent healing and healing the Earth) themselves and the people in need. In the workshop, MH activities the Threefold Flame in the hearts, balances our karma, and transforms our being into Pure Light and we begin our process of ascension. Celebration Workshop and Ceremony. You are a co-creator of the divine energy. After Initiation and 11-day practice you are empowered to teach this modality .

Magnified Healing ® 3rd Phase ‘Light Healing’ Practitioner Workshop

Rev. Gisèle King and Rev. Kathryn Anderson were given access to the energy and wisdom of Archangel Melchizedek through the guidance of Lady Master Kwan Yin. The ‘Light Healing” workshop is to facilitate the creation of our spiritual body of Light with the ‘consciousness of Light’ given by Melchizedek. We shall be equipped with two forms of intense laser Light: Broad Beam and Laser Beam, which respectively  heals all systems of the physical body  and clears and extracts blockages, tumours and scar tissues. The workshop is two full consecutive days. Pre-requisites are: having been initiated in MH 1st Phase at least 4 months before the 3rd Phase workshop, and having done the 1st Phase practice on self for 11 continuous prior to the workshop.

Celebration Workshop and Ceremony

In the Workshop, we experience the Divine Energies of Magnified Healing and learn to use our bodies to co-create a Grid of Healing to go forth and radiate to the whole earth. We offer our service to the community in the Ceremony and everyone invited will receive the gift of healing and experience the sacred energy of Magnified Healing. Pre-requisite is having been initiated in 1st Phase MH, but there is no time requirement. 

Spirituality Workshops

Introduction to Spirituality will include topics such as  Basics to Metaphysics, Sacred Geometry , Human Nature and What is Consciousness. Courses are offered in small or big group or off-site, e.g., by Skype, For details, please contact Mona.