A New Blog for the New Cycle (May 29, 2020)

Many spiritual workers are talking about the Shift in recent days. Prior to this, in the midst of more natural disasters and human catastrophes in society, there is a sense that we are living in Revelation, or the end of time, depending on one’s persuasion or belief. For me, as a Lightworker, this is the beginning of a new cycle to step up our own learning and awakening of fellow humanity. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that we have to change our life styles to survive, and to find out over time what the new “normal” should be to adapt. There will be more changes, more wake-up calls. To continue with teaching, some modalities have switched to online teaching. My own experience is that the power of the teaching is not affected, and online workshops help to bring attendants from diverse geographical locations together. I have recently been certified to teach 1st Phase of Magnified Healing online. Come and join me on July 4, 2020. Read about it in the Upcoming Events Page of this site.