For the greater good of all (September 30, 2020)

When we pray, we are often reminded that our prayers for whatever we hope to receive from the Divine is not according to our individual will or wishes. As the Lord’s Prayer says, “Thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.” The assumption is there is a Divine Plan for all individuals. We learn to submit to the Will of God even when we do not get what we pray for. So what about the teaching from Jesus that when we gather at together and pray, our prayers will be granted? This is a mystery indeed.

A better way to ask is: Do we know whether we are praying for something we want , or something we need? If it is something we want, this is an egoistic desire. If it is something we think we need, remember that God has provided all us with what we need. Who knows us better, ourselves or God? That said, does it mean that prayers are futile? Quite the opposite. Prayers are a medium we communicate with the Divine. It is an act of service to God and humanity. Though seemingly our prayer is for an individual wish, yet if we submit it for the greater good of all, it will be granted. Amen.

What is the new normal ? (August 3, 2020)

About two months ago, I wrote about finding a new normal to adapt to the changes that are happening around us. In the meantime, I have noticed what the shutdown has altered our society on the environmental level and the human level. When people go out less, the environment has benefited–there is less pollution and suddenly nature has come alive!

On the human level, the reactions are more polarized. Personally, I enjoy my extra time to read, to meditate and to pursue online studies. I notice, however, some people feeling anxious, depressed, frustrated and agitated. I subscribe to the belief that the virus is in the Spiritual plan to help us look into ourselves and make a positive change. People who are unable to do that express their emotions outwards. Look at the anger and the violence. Very well, it is a time for release but acknowledge your negative feelings and strive for the better. Instead of creating more divisions, our goal is the Unity of humanity. In my new normal, I am leaning to step back, be an observer, and maintain my compassion for those involved in unrest and suppression. It is not easy. And yet, when I step away from exercising human justice, and place my trust in Divine Justice, there is Peace.

A New Blog for the New Cycle (May 29, 2020)

Many spiritual workers are talking about the Shift in recent days. Prior to this, in the midst of more natural disasters and human catastrophes in society, there is a sense that we are living in Revelation, or the end of time, depending on one’s persuasion or belief. For me, as a Light worker, this is the beginning of a new cycle to step up our own learning and our work to awaken fellow humanity. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that we have to change our life styles to survive, and to find out over time what the new “normal” should be to adopt. There will be more changes, more wake-up calls. To continue with teaching, some modalities have switched to online teaching. My own experience is that the power of the teaching is not affected, and online workshops help to bring attendants from diverse geographical locations together. I have recently been certified to teach 1st Phase of Magnified Healing online. Come and join me on July 4, 2020. Read about it in the Upcoming Events Page of this site.