This site is about Magnified Healing® and related healing and spirituality services.

Magnified Healing® (MH) is an energy healing modality that was divinely transmitted to Rev. Gisele King and Rev. Kathryn Anderson in 1992. Unlike other forms of energy or vibrational forms of healing in which the healing is channeled through the healer, in MH the practitioner creates the energy with THE GOD MOST HIGH OF THE UNIVERSE and becomes Magnified Healing®. Given total empowerment, the Magnified Healing® practitioners attain a new higher vibration of pure Love, Light, and Freedom. Magnified There are over 105,000 initiates in 89 countries and all the states in the U.S.

For further information, go to the official website of the co-founder Rev. Gisele King. http://www.magnifiedhealing.com


The VioletLotusHealing website is maintained by Mona Tam. Mona has a doctorate degree in Psychology and is  engaged in the practice (teaching of and healing) with Magnified Healing, as well as general counseling in the Greater Toronto Area. She is available to offer talks on various topics in Spirituality, such as Sacred Geometry, Human Consciousness, Energy Healing, etc.

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